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I learned something amazing this weekend.

My husband’s great-great-great-great grandfather (that’s 4 greats) regularly prayed for the unborn children of the family.  (Think early 1800’s)  My husband’s great-grand father followed suit as he prayed for the unborn children of the family at mealtimes.  Over the years, I’ve heard my husband’s grandfather pray in the same way.  And I’ve been personally challenged to watch my husband become a steadfast man of early morning prayer, daily praying for God’s best and highest for the future generations of our family.


There’s something big happening here.  A gift of incomparable worth has been given to us; a gift we didn’t even know to ask for.  And it’s happening right before our eyes.

My little family is alive in Christ, and pursuing God’s kingdom; and I believe much of our spiritual wealth is because of the bold prayers of those who lived before us.

A generational inheritance has been passed along, and it’s nothing short of transformational.

It’s bigger than we are.  It’s even bigger than what we see now.  It’s an inheritance more precious than gold: it’s a gift of faith that moves on through the years, shifting the direction of hearts, the destiny of a generation, the destination of our world.

And today, this momma was stirred to pray…


…Stirred to pray beyond my morning, beyond my present worries, beyond my present needs.

I was stirred to pray for my generation, my kids’ generation, and for the generation of the not yet born.

That the generations now inhabiting the earth, and those yet to come, would know God- really know Him.

And that they would lay down their lives to experience His earth-changing power of redemption working in and through them. 


Agreeing with the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, I am asking for the faithfulness of God to continue to be displayed in and through my family and through my children’s children’s children; that the legacy we pass along would be multi-national and multi-generational.

“For the LORD is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.” Psalm 100:5

Real Inheritance. Generational Shifts.  Interceding for the yet-born.

Big prayers that bring world-shaping results. 


That’s what was on my heart this morning.

…Overcome with thanks for the generations before us who boldly prayed for us.  And now praying for His glory to be made known on the earth, in my life and onward into the generations yet born.

He is worthy and He will do it.

(I have a feeling we benefit more than we know from the prayer of those who have gone before us.  I’d love to hear YOUR stories of praying parents, grandparents, great-grands, etc. in the comments section.)  

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