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Life to the fullest.  Sounds awesome, right?

Today I’m hosting a giveaway for an amazing new book called Thriving: Trusting God for Life to the Fullest by Dr. Nancy Grisham.  Nancy is a sought after conference speaker, Bible teacher, and author.

Nancy is also a friend.  I met Nancy when she was my professor in college, and I’ve seen her live as a genuine friend to everyone she encounters: at the coffee shop, book store, college campus, church, photography classes, neighborhood sidewalks…that’s just who she is.

And her writing is no different.  When reading her new book Thriving, you will feel like a dear friend with whom she opens the chapters of her inspiring life.  Her life stories of struggle, God and experiencing the fullness He brings will leave you changed.  

Learn more about Nancy and her ministry here: Livin’ Ignited

Thriving is a faith-builder book.  And in it Nancy shows, brick by brick, how God has built her faith in the face of good and hard times.  Throughout the book and at the end of each chapter she gives practical and spiritual tools for the reader to do the same.

I read Thriving after I had faced the sting of rejection, was in the midst of ministry transition, and as I walked through the loss of miscarriage. Not exactly situations that lend themselves to “thriving”.  But Nancy’s words encouraged me to dig deeper into God, even in the hard stretches.  And as a result, I found myself truly thriving.  

The best thing about Nancy’s writing and perspective is that it constantly took me back to who God is:  God is big, God is good, God is trustworthy, God is near- no matter what I see, feel or experience.

We can THRIVE in life because of who God is in us! –>click to tweet

Nancy meets the reader right where they are in their spiritual journey.  Her book will impact anyone who wants to understand how to lean into God in the hard stuff, overcome common spiritual traps, be changed by His word, and experience adventures with God in daily life.  

Nancy doesn’t just say “trust God”.  She shows you what it looks like.  Her relatable stories display why trusting God is really the way to thrive.  This is why I’m so thrilled to call Nancy a friend, and why it’s my honor to introduce her new book to you.


Update: Thanks for commenting! **THE WINNERS ARE —>Heather S. and Sarah King!  

Nancy has graciously offered to giveaway TWO SIGNED COPIES of Thriving to my readers, and I would LOVE to send them TO YOU!

How to Win:

Comment below that you want to be Nancy’s friend too!  (For additional entries, share this post on *FaceBook, *Twitter, or *ReBlog this post, and let me know you did.)  The winners be announced on Tuesday, July 23.

*You can watch a special TV interview with Nancy here!  

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