I am heading out to help facilitate a MOPS leadership retreat this weekend, so my week has been more planning, and less writing. Today, I’m reposting from an entry I wrote last year this time. (I really needed to remind myself of this today, and I pray it touches you too.) Much love!

Up, In, and Out

I could have told you with confidence- “God loves the world, and God loves me.”  But I didn’t know it, know it.  Does that make sense?

I knew it in my head, and according to my religion, but I didn’t yet fully believe it for myself.  And I didn’t even know that I didn’t believe it, until I nearly killed myself trying to be a “good Christian”.

Believing that He does actually love me- despite what I do or don’t do, was a miracle that happened as I spent time with Him.  But it was more than just doing daily devotions.  I had being doing those religiously- it was actually the “checking off the box of my daily duties for God” that led me into such a spiritual trap.

The difference between the time I spent with God when I was trying to “earn” His love, and the…

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