It’s Friday, ya’ll, and I’m in Dallas!


This weekend I’m gathering with a group of outstanding women bloggers for a conference called Declare.  These women will be bold, hungry, humble and inspiring in their pursuit of declaring the kingdom of Christ through their individual and collective platforms.

I am connecting with some old friends, meeting some new friends, and will even get to chat with a literary agent.  Will you pray specifically for that conversation?  I mentioned last year about my passion for writing a book(s)…well, that is still a work in process, so your thoughts and prayers for my time here this weekend would be cherished.  I’m praying for His tremendous kingdom to come in all things, even in my little blog space and through my little voice.  You are each a part of this, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

It’s all for Him, and I am so grateful to be journeying with YOU.  Thank you for being my friend, and for being here.

Happy Friday 🙂