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Time is limited.  We are all busy.

So, where does a growing marriage fit into the equation?


On this “Marriage Monday”, I wanted to share with you how Wyatt and I build the marriage we want with the time we have.  Because, how we approach our limited resource of time is a huge factor in achieving our goals (whether that’s in marriage, work, spirituality or hobbies).

We are intentionally working to build a marriage that gets stronger and more incredible each year.  To do that, we choose 3 things with regards to our time:

1. We choose to have a “Date-Night, EVERY NIGHT”.  We choose to stop what we’re doing at 8 o’clock every night.  Whether that’s dishes, email, work, or laundry, we both stop doing those things, and we hang from 8-9.  This is our “date night, every night” time.  WE LOVE IT!!  (hint: we have three small kids, and they are in their rooms by 8…maybe not sleeping, but in their room for “room time” and we make it clear that this is “mommy-daddy time”.)

2. We choose to go to bed EARLY together.  Since we set up our “date time” from 8-9, it flows nicely into an early bedtime routine.  Early to bed is the only way to consistently have capacity for the next thing…

3. We chose to wake up early together.  In this early morning time, we each spend time with God, then before the kids wake up we pray together for each other, our kids, our callings, or whatever is on our hearts.  This builds accountability, but also a unity and connection as we grow as a team.

How we structure our time together has huge implications for the growth of our relationship. –> click to tweet.

There you have it on this “Marriage Monday”- a few more strategic ideas for growing a honeymoon marriage.

I really hope it gives you ideas for growing the marriage of your dreams.

(Recently, I’ve shared some other ideas on creating a great marriage through getting away together and pursuing a honeymoon marriage with a crazy high level of “oneness”.  If these posts are helpful, feel free to share them!)