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A few weeks ago, I told you I was going to a blogger’s conference called Declare.

It was fantastic.  It was a beautiful conference, filled with amazing people and special touches (gifts, a gorgeous coffee bar, yummy desserts at every meal…you know, the details that make a girl smile).  If you are a blogger or thinking about becoming a blogger, you should definitely considering going next year.

One of the big parts of that weekend, was my conversation with a literary agent.

And well friends, the GREAT news, is that she SIGNED me!  That just means that now I have an agent who will help me move forward with my book ideas and help me connect with publishers who be able to launch the messages in my heart even further out into the world.

So, on that note, I beg of you all the more to pray, pray, pray with me.


I’d like to say I’m not afraid… (and many days I’m not totally freaking out) but I’ll be honest- I have pulled out my boxing gloves and am fighting this quiet fear that threatens to knock me off my feet and out of the ring.

What if I write my book and it’s a flop?

What if people laugh at me?

What if I’m really a joke?

I know, I sound like a scared 2nd grader going to a new school, and like I did in this other post, but that’s actually kind of how I feel breaking into this literary world.

The nature of what I feel God is calling me to write is personal.  So as I move forward, I’m asking God that He’d fill my typing fingers with trust, clarity and boldness to tell His stories that will bring breakthrough and transformation for our generation.

More details will come later, but for now, please pray.  For peace and wisdom as I work on my proposal for publishers, and that I would get connected to a great editor who can work with me.

And more than anything, pray that as I write my eyes would not be on the possible critics or the large mountains ahead, but set on Jesus alone and the fruit that HE brings as we abide in Him.

PS- that post I wrote a few weeks ago about love taking risks–it was even more true than I realized.  I’m going to keep holding His hand, and go for it.

Praying (and kind of begging) that you’ll join me for the adventures ahead!  I may need some hand-holding from you, too!!  Thank you again, for being here and for being such a genuine group of friends.