I’m sitting in Chick fil A, the normal half-way point to my parents house. Watching my kids get all their energy out, I am remembering how far we’ve come, and yet how far we still have to go. This repost is for the momma’s out there in the thick of it. Praying it gives you encouragement, a chuckle, and an assurance that no matter how crazy it gets, you are not alone.

Up, In, and Out

Can I be real with you?

Today I decided that I would rather not write.   I am in too bad of a mood to write anything that would inspire, encourage or uplift anyone else…and if I did write, my bad mood might just be contagious, and I’d feel terrible to pass along a bad mood to someone else.  Seriously.  So, I decided I would not write.

Then, a little whisper deep in my heart reminded me of my goal to write everyday, or at least to try.  It is nap time at my house, and I am not napping, because my baby girl has decided not to nap.  The other two are in their rooms with their new “OK To Wake” clocks, and this mom desperately hopes that their new clocks can retrain their sleepless bodies to STAY IN THE BED until they are fully rested.  Because this mom…

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