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My Beloved Child….

You were created to live BOLD, AUDACIOUS and INNOCENT.

     FREE in My love, with a FIREY confidence in My Great Strength.

          Running with JOY as this story of life unfolds around you.  

This is who you are.  

But I see that many days you struggle, like you are blindly feeling your way through a fog.  You fight feeling timid, afraidashamed.  Shackled with comparison, the fire of your heart dampened with worry.    


… Come close, child.  Slow down and lean in.  I have something to say…

LET GO OF FEAR, and cling to Me.  Lift your eyes right up to Mine.

I have given you My authority; now say to this enemy of fear- “Fear- you have no hold on my life.  I belong to Someone Greater”.  Be aware that fear lurks at many significant crossroads of life; especially in the seasons where I am leading you into something new and something grand.  Stand firm, and refuse to be consumed by it.

Whatever you do, do not bow to worry, anxiety or mocking questions.  Just bring them to Me and let Me hold them for you.  As I hold them, and as you look eye to eye with Me, your thorny worries, anxieties and questions will transform into peace, rest and confidence.  

You, see, My Treasured Child, it’s when you come to Me and give Me your worries that your heart slows down and opens up.  It’s then you really let me care for you like I long to care for you, and empower you from the inside out, with My unfailing love. 

Remember: I am your safest place.  

There are loose ends all around, I know you see them.   But do not be concerned; I see them too, and I am confidently in control.

There are unmarked roads just ahead, but tell your heart to be still.  Simply know that I am God; and I am always enough.

I know that what I am working in you feels like a mystery right now, but remember that you can trust Me.  I am your Kind and Tender Father; there are no shadows of change in me.     

I am fully involved in the affairs of your today, and your tomorrow.  I am the Author and Finisher of your story.  I know the beginning from the end.  I understand the plot on every level: the characters, the twists, the turns.  I could see the whole story line long ago, and let me assure you: I am the Valiant Hero in it all.

Not only do I understand these paths we’re walking together, and the unfolding story around you, I see more beauty and wonder in it than you could ever fathom.  It’s the beauty of a heart following her Maker.

I see you.

I see your quiet prayers of trust, I see your tears as you strain to discern My will.  I see your hustle and hurry as you sit in traffic, as you answer emails, pack lunches, change diapers; as you try to be the best mom and wife and friend and neighbor you know how to be.  I see your heart that craves true worship in it all.

And I am crazily delighted as you look for Me through the fog where you stand.

Heaven stands at attention, dear one, quietly peering over the edge of eternity, watching in wonder as you strain your eyes to look for and follow Me, even in the midst of life’s foggy days and unknown paths.  And nothing blesses Me more, than seeing My children seek Me in both the good, and the hard times.


I am nearer than you even think.

I am here, right here.  

Trust Me in this formation process. Because really, in life, you never fully “arrive”.  It is all a formation process, preparing your heart for the beautiful eternity we will spend together.  You are being “beautified” in this fog.  And it is a treasured sight in heaven’s view.

I AM the Author, Finisher and Executive Producer of this story.  Together we will finish your story and it will be perfected by my strong love that I deliberately weave throughout every scene. 

The plot may not be lining up perfectly, and all the roles may not be clear, but this one thing is always consistent: I am good, and I am loving.  Come near, and fully trust Me.

I will faithfully finish what I start.

I am with you always, even to the end.

With more love than you have ever, or will ever be able to imagine,
Your Very Present God
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