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She grabs my cheeks, turning my face towards hers.  She wants my attention.  My affection.  My heart.  Confident in my love, she boldly invades my personal space and goes directly for my face, the part of me that literally turns towards her to see, to love, to care.

The “face grab” is something that children do, but adults “unlearn” as they grow older.  Socially, that’s probably good.  But oh, how much I can learn from these little ones who so purely and easily experience the Kingdom of God.  So much I can remember as they just live in love…


Each of my children have done this “face grab”, always succeeding to draw my heart and attention towards them.  And every time one of my children reaches for my face, I am brought back this verse in 3D:

“Seek My face; Your face, Oh Lord, I shall seek.”  Psalm 27:8

This verse stuns me, because it is a direct invitation from God for us to invade His personal space and go directly for His face.  At the core of this Psalm is David, full of fear.  In the midst of his terror, he cried out to God, asking for help.  And God RESPONDED, saying:

“Seek My face”.  

David replied, “Your face, O Lord, I shall seek.”

One translation of the world “face” in Hebrew, is “the part that turns”

Our God is a God who turns towards us when we seek Him.  A God who actively RESPONDS to His kids with love.

He reminds me today, as she grabbed my face to tell me something, that He is a generous Father who hears my voice, and turns towards me with affection and attention.   He loves it when I reach up for Him in a bold way, as if to grab His face and get eye to eye with my Daddy.

Be confident friend, that He feels the same way about you.

He is not static or stoic or stand-offish.  He is irreverently love-stricken by us.  And He is moved when we reach for Him.

When we seek His face, we are seeking…

to know Him in a real moment,

…to look into His eyes and see what He sees,

…..to feel what He feels about something or someone,  

…….to love the world from His point of view,

……….to experience Him as our most safe and most secure place, even in our most terrible and terrifying moments.

Because here’s the promise: As we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.   (James 4:8)

Sometimes our feelings come up empty, and it doesn’t feel like He’s  near.  In those times, I want to be like my friend Liz.  So that if God “disappears”, I still draw near by faith.  Confident, that if in my moment of darkness I cannot feel Him, as I look back, I will see that He was very present indeed.  Because that’s who He is, and His nature doesn’t change.

His face is the “part that turns” and today, in this now moment, He invites us to remember to live as His bold kids.  Just like she reached up and put her little hands onto my cheeks, turning my face towards hers, we can do the same thing with the God who loves us.  

He is moved as we seek His face.  – > click to tweet.  I guess that’s why He told David to do such a bold thing.

Jesus died so that we could be always near and keenly aware of our Ever-Present RESPONDER.  

Grace and peace to you this day, as you seek His face.  Find rest, knowing that He is a responsive God, turning His gaze to the details of our lives and our world, drawing near to us as we quest after Him.

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