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Have you ever considered that to live for Jesus means that our lives are to be marked by the awkward and uncomfortable?

But that possibly, as we walk that “awkward and uncomfortable” path, we discover the true beauty of Emmanuel, God-With-Us?  

We discover how we were made to live?


I went to a blogger’s conference called Allume last weekend.  During one the of talks, a story was told about September McCarthy.  September is lovely.  She is a writer, speaker, mom of 10, and leads a conference called Raising Generations Today.  

The story moved me deeply.  So I wanted to share it with you.

One afternoon, September baked a fresh loaf of bread.  She piled her kids into their 15 passenger van, and with the bread in tow, she began to drive.  Instead of hurrying to a direct destination with a long to-do list, September drove through the neighborhood praying for God to lead her to someone who needed this loaf of bread.

She prayerfully pulled into a driveway and a man came out to the car.  Slightly rolling her window down, September explained that she baked some bread and wanted to share it.

Her kids were in the back, some crouching down in embarrassment, some whispering “What is he saying??!!!”  She waved her hands to quiet them (like any normal mom would) and proceeded to offer him the bread.  

The man reached out his hands to receive the loaf and began to cry.  He told September that they had just lost twin babies and that his wife was inside grieving.  September’s heart moved as she listened.  Filled with compassion, she shared that she too had known the same loss, and was able to offer prayer.

An ordinary woman living available to an extraordinary God.

God had an agenda that day.  He wanted to meet that grieving family with His love.  He wanted to tenderly feed them the Bread of Life, the Sustenance of hope, and He stirred September’s heart to act on their behalf.  How merciful, how kind is our God.

God used a busy mom who was available.  Willing to risk her afternoon agenda and drive around with Him, she asked for eyes to see the house He wanted to bless.  She was simply living as a disciple of Jesus; willing to be a bit awkward and uncomfortable for the sake of expressing Love, so that the Great Comforter may be revealed to a neighbor in pain.


I am inspired by this story.  Because I am learning that real love takes risks.  

My heart craves this sort of simple discipleship.  A discipleship that puts my own reputation on hold and risks appearing awkward and uncomfortable in order to reveal the ONE LOVE who can change everything.

I ache to put my hurry aside and simply follow Jesus into His agenda for today. –> click to tweet.  To hear His whisper, the quiet invitation, to love my neighbor as myself, even with a simple loaf of bread.  I long to see the beautiful, unconditional love of Christ in action through my daily grind.

This life is but a vapor, and will be over in the blink of an eye.  And when it is, I don’t want to look back and recall how I lived safe, obsessed with my to-do lists, clinging to my comfort at every corner.

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I want to be obsessed with watching and following Jesus- obsessed with being about His business, not mine.  

I want to live aware of Him, so that when He prompts, I can simply pump the brakes on my agenda and “stop for the one.”

I want my life to be marked by wet ankles; daily choosing to get out of my dry, cozy boat and follow Him. –>  click to tweet.  

Even when it means awkward and uncomfortable.  

We were put here for SUCH A TIME AS THIS; a time when an afternoon of baking and sharing bread in the name of Jesus can become a holy act of ministry that changes someone’s eternity.

Because in those moments the beauty of God’s love softens what was hard- and penetrates what was blocked.  And that’s worth everything.


So how can we live such radical love in the name of Jesus in our own communities?  Bake bread and drive around until God shows you who to give it to?  It’s a great start.

But the best starting place is with an honest prayer and a willing heart.

Lord- I too often cling to comfort over discipleship.  Would You give me eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that responds to the people You long to reach?  Someone in my neighborhood is hurting.  Would You give me ideas for how You want to love them today?  And Father, please still my noisy soul.  I’m trusting You for the grace to let go of my lists, and follow You, even into the unlikely, uncomfortable, awkward moments where Your love aches to be released.  

I know You are looking for someone to say “yes”.  So, here I am.  Send me. 

In Jesus Name, Amen.

I’m asking God to show us some radical ways to live love.  Ways that may make us feel awkward and uncomfortable, but will facilitate opportunities for God’s radical love to be revealed in our communities.

How about we do this together?  

Tell me YOUR ideas on living Christ’s love with your neighbor and then please PASS THIS POST ALONG on your favorite social media venue.

Let’s start a conversation about simple love; a love that may be awkward and uncomfortable, but reveals the beautiful love of Christ around us.  Who knows what God might do with us when we simply say “yes” to His agenda.

Thank you so much for being here with me.  For living with a hunger for more- for what is real and He who is worthy.

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