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Want to know something about me?

I am an independent learner, an internal processor, and an introvert.

That’s a lot of “in’s” for one person, especially someone who loves loving on people.

But honestly, it’s so many “ins” that I’m often tempted to pack up my little familia and move us and our coziest pj’s to a quiet country house and hide out for a while.

On top of the glorious rush of everyday life with our three growing kids and our precious community, I have the honor of being invited to do more speaking, and writing, outside of this blog space.

And with the goal to thrive- not merely survive, I am going to take the month of November to give my blogging fingers a break, and focus on the other relationships and writing projects at hand.

This break will allow me to approach a few deadlines with a little less stress, and with a cherished quiet cushion around the corners of my day.

I will be back in December…so don’t go far.   (**if you haven’t subscribed to my blog, I’d really love it if you did so now- it will make it so much easier to reconnect come December.  And as always, you are free to un-subscribe at any point.)

~ I’m curious- now that you know my personality tendencies, what are yours?  And do you ever have to alter your schedule to make sure you are thriving, and not just surviving, given your unique wiring?

Oh yeah- one more thing- are we connected on Facebook?  Up In and Out has a Facebook page…click here to find it…I’ll be there off and on for November posting inspiring links/info, so if you “like” that page, we can hang out there as well during this “break”.

Happy November, and know that I am genuinely thankful for you.