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Hey friends- thanks for that grace period of blog rest.  I needed it.  I didn’t even know how much my mind, body and spirit craved the rest and time of just “being”.  I took a break to focus on other projects, but didn’t end of working much at all because my baby girl was sick most of November.  But honestly, that was ok.  It gave me space to be content simply caring for my kids.  And I realized that’s exactly where I want to be.  Content, and with my family, focused and filled up with God’s rest.

I’m back to writing, and connecting here, which makes me happy.  (…disclaimer) But if I’m inconsistent on the blog for the next bit, know that it’s not for lack of care for you or this space, but for a massive amount of care being given to my family.  That’s where I am, and that’s exactly what this season of my life is all about.

On another note, I was super honored to be hosted on Heather MacFadyen’s podcast at The God Centered Mom.  She is fantastic, and her message is solid.

Heather and I met at Allume last year, and roomed together this year.  After our late night chats about the power of God healing my deepest heart wounds, Heather invited me to chat on her podcast about the powerful freedom that comes through inner-healing.  And that’s what this podcast is all about.  Here is the link.

Here’s what you get on the podcast:

1. A story of how even in the midst of serving others, I was in need of deep freedom and healing (and how God healed me, and is healing me).

2. 5 practical tips for dealing with the source of our wounds and walking in freedom.

3. A FREE printable to help you remember those 5 tips.

…And if you are attentive, you’ll notice that I made a sneaky family announcement during my introduction…

Hope the message blesses you- I am sure you’ll be blessed as you get to know Heather too!