I wrote this last year- and pray that it’s truth might be a blessing to you again this year.

Up, In, and Out


It was the word etched on the ticket of the doubting boy who traveled to the North Pole in the movie, The Polar Express.  BELIEVE.  He boarded a magical train to experience what he had only hoped could be true.

Our family snuggled up recently to watch The Polar Express, and tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched what seems to be a cute kids holiday flick.  As I sat there taking in all the wonder of this movie, I was reminded why I cherished the book as a child, and why it still stirs such deep emotion in my heart as an adult.  It’s a story that holds the purity of hope.  It expresses a genuine craving, common to all humanity.  The desire that there is still a way to believe in something good.  Something that can be trusted and will not disappoint.


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