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Well, it’s already past the first week of the new year, and I haven’t showed up here yet.

It was my good intention to start the year with a “goals” post to inspire us into a fresh start.  But instead of being inspired, I’ve been quarantined.  Looking a bit like this unsavory fella for the past week.

I know what you’re thinking- my poor, poor husband.  Well, just so you know, he’s been a champ while I’ve been begging God for mercy.

As I’ve laid in bed clutching my stomach, repeating to myself, “this can’t last forever, this can’t last forever, this can’t last forever”, I thought of this silly post and hoped it may bring some help and some smiles during this nightmarish week.

So here you go.  5 tips for mere survival, when the stomach bug crashes through your front door and smacks you to the ground.

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have Gatorade (pedialyte for the littles) and Saltine crackers stocked in the back of your pantry for hard times.  Because we all know those “hard times” hit when you’re least likely to want to go to the store.

2. Don’t be ashamed to lie on the hallway floor in childs pose (the yoga position) for long periods of time.  And when your concerned kids stop and stare at you, simply tell them all’s well, and that you are stretching.  But in reality, you know you simply cannot move for fear of your whole body crumbling.

3.  Don’t beat yourself up about the TV being on for the entire day while you moan in the background.  (Or in my case for 4 days)   A big dose of Nick Jr. can’t kill them.  And besides, it’s been an unseasonable -10 degrees all week anyway.  Whatcha gonna do?

4. Thank God and TIP big if you live in a semi-large suburb that has grocery delivery service.  (Like Peapod, or Safeway, or Johnson’s Organic…or whatever your local grocer may offer.)  If not, pray you have a sweet best friend who knows your grocery preferences and will bear the frigid cold for you.

There is seriously NO sweeter sight!

5. Another word on preparation.  Always have a LARGE amount of chicken broth on hand to make some sort of warm healing concoction.  In my case, it’s my dad’s famous recipe of mind-body-soul reviving Egg Drop Soup.  Here’s a similar recipe if you’re so inclined (it really does wonders for any sort of illness.  It was his go-to for us as kids, and it’s now my secret weapon a mom when the flu comes to town.)

Other than that, you’re on your own.  But honestly, any sort of flu is NO.JOKE.  I am so sorry if you too have battled this monster.

To close, here is a site I found that has 6 natural tips for overcoming the stomach flu…And I would LOVE it if you have any other natural remedies to add to my list so the next time I can’t seem to get off the floor from nausea and stomach pains I’ll be ready.  Help a sister out!

Ok- now that I’ve posted this, I am more than ready to move into a new year of health, energy and joy!

Let’s do this.