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Do you ever have a feeling, that you need to do something drastic?  The feeling that a big change must happen if you are really going to live the life you dream of?

One late night in December, my husband and I laid in bed talking.  We talked about the world’s needs and the world’s noise.

As we talked, it became clear that in order to live well with all the needs and noises around me, I needed to make a big personal change.  

By the time I went to bed, I deleted my mobile Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  It may not sound drastic to you, but when you are at the point of near addiction to anything, a cold quit feels drastic.

TAKing A Break-2

Some of the words that described me that night were draineddistracted and disillusioned.  

When I made the move to hit those delete buttons, my phone felt naked, and simple, but strangely free.

I felt free.  Like I could breathe.  

Social media seems like it’s here to stay for a while, and it can be a great tool for the overall good.  But I’ve needed a break.  And I’ve needed space to develop the skills to use it, without feeling abused by it.

The constant distraction of my phone’s connectivity was making it hard for me to do the very things I love, the very things I believe I have to offer this needy world.

The ever-in-your-face-activity and noise of social media was keeping me from living with a quiet-hearted devotion to Jesus, and a focused life of love to my family.  

It was an always present distraction.  Taking my eyes off the present, and putting them into a world that is out of my realm of responsibility.  

So, for the month of January, I’ve “stripped” my phone of all social media and have been on a “fast” of sorts.  Very similar to the Facebook fast I did last year.  

Because it’s such a common place of communication for ministry groups I serve, I am still present on Facebook, but I only check it while sitting at my laptop (as opposed to checking it at the stop light, in the bed, at the park, in the carpool line…you name it.)  It is much more contained that way. And I only spend about 10 minutes there, as opposed to minutes leaking into hours throughout the day (or night).

I needed this “slow” and focused start as I go into a new year, more than I knew.  I’ve been craving something more…craving clarity of thought and spiritual perspective.  And so far, this little “fast” has been a blessing in all of those ways.

So far…

I’ve felt much more “internally” rested, living at a slower, more focused pace.  I’ve enjoyed my kids in new ways and I am a more thoughtful person during my downtime as opposed to filling it with my addiction to mindless “scrolling”.

My goal is not isolation or retreat, but wisdom, discernment and quietness of heart.  And I am fumbling my way there.

One day at a time, I am looking for more in life than my iPhone and all the social media outlets can give. –> click to tweet

Can anyone relate?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning from the strong grip of social media that walks around with you everywhere you go- in the form of your phone?  Do you ever just want to turn it all off, and focus on the now, the present, the people in your real life?