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Recently, I posted on how I stripped my phone naked.  I told you about my social media “scrolling addiction” and how January was a time of re-focusing and simplifying.  

Now that it is February, I can happily say that without the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter apps on my ever-handy iPhone, I not only survived, but discovered a  greater sense of peace and balance in daily life.  

I heard from several of you after that post on my “scrolling addiction” and realized that I am not alone.  And so I thought, maybe you too are interested in a few practical resources to help navigate your social media activity?


Here are a few articles that I found to be helpful as I processed my priorities and values on this topic.

~ “I miss my actual life”  This is largely about a speaker/author’s efforts to live more “present” in her “actual life”.  I deeply resonated with her process. by Jen Hatmaker

~ “5 Questions to ask before posting to social media”  Great practical (and simple) tips. by Relevant
~ “Why I’m Getting A Divorce” This article talks about how we need to bring our phones back to being an accessory, not a priority.  Good perspective.  by Jarrid Wilson

~ “21 Tips to Balance Social Media Addiction, Tweets, Life and Real Work!”  This article is full of practical tips and tools if your work or ministry is heavily intertwined with the use of social media.  by Pam Moore

What are ways you deal with “social media” frenzy and stay focused on your “actual life”?