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I want to find out how to wow my husband, everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.

So I’ve decided to do something about it.

Valentine Month

I’m going to find out the best secrets, tips, and ways that women win the hearts of their long-term loves and post them each day this month.

And I’m going to do them.  

My goal is to take my game as a hot wife to the next level.  I am aspiring to be such a great wife this month that I’ll have to peel my husband off the ceiling.  

I want a long-term marriage that grows in depth, while keeping the “WOW” factor of passion and intimacy that we shared as a young couple going strong.

Will you help me?  I would love to hear any ideas, resources or encouragement you have!

What if I decided that everyday for a month, I would seduce my husband?  With no holiday suggesting I do so?  Just a commitment to loving my man by being a generous wife.

What if I decided that for 30 DAYS in a row, I aimed to win my fella’s affections with intentional acts of love, tenderness, spontaneity, and care?  (The sort of acts that are common on Valentines Day, but often missing on other days.)

What if I learned to speak his language of affection, and started to fill his love tank up to the point that all he can say is “WOW”.

What might happen in our marriage? 

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it will be good.  Very good.  

I’m calling this Valentine’s Month: The Hot Wife Challenge.  

Will you cheer me on?

I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter with extra tips using the hashtag #valentinesmonth.  Join me there!

Let’s start with these:

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Win the heart of your long-term love with this hot wife challenge (click to tweet)

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