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Does sex seem, how should I say it, blah?

Sometimes as married couples, we can find ourselves stuck in a rut.  We can get stuck on a variety of issues, but it is especially easy to get stuck when it comes to sex.


We have a hard time talking about it, and often, it hits on many of our deep issues of insecurity (both for us as wives, and for our men).

But I love the reality that we don’t have to stay stuck.

I came across an article talks very frankly about this issue of being stuck.  The author offers loads of resources for wives about how to hit “re-set” on your sex life in order to see your marriage bed thrive again.

I felt like tip #4 out of her 6 tips is a great place to start and something that I will do today:

Pray through your sex re-set.

The idea of committing your sex life to God, because He is committed to our marriages thriving is powerful and mind-set shifting.

Click here to read the rest of her super practical tips.

Happy Valentine’s Month!