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I am finding that my thoughts about sex determine my experience of sex.


If I’m honest, all to often thoughts that go through my mind about sex sound like this:

– I’m not in the mood.

– I feel unattractive and unsexy.

– I’m too tired.

– I don’t compare to the covers of magazines. 

– He might not be satisfied with me.

– I’m not good at this, I feel awkward.

But this month, since I am aiming to take my wife game to the next level, I am intentionally choosing to dwell on higher thoughts.

I believe renewing my mind with thoughts like these will re-orient my expectation and experience of intimacy with my husband:

– Sex is a blessing from God, and he designed it to be amazing.

– Pleasure is his idea and it is a gift.

– The effort it takes to be available will always be worth the reward of intimacy with my husband.

– My body is a gift that is holy, pure and beautiful.

– I will be a generous wife with my body.

– I will take every opportunity to build emotional and physical closeness whenever I have the chance.

For me, this month having the mind of Christ will mean having great sex on the brain.