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Flirting was easy when we were dating, but somehow life gets busy, and I get serious and then I forget the fun of simply slowing down to flirt.


But I’ve found that the more ideas on being a great wife I can glean from others, the more I can adapt to make my own.

And the more I “study” and remind myself of little things like developing a flirty mind-set towards my husband, the more he feels desired and cared for.

  • I really enjoyed this post by Sheila on 16 Ways to Flirt (at the bottom, she offers “rules of engagement, which I found to be helpful).
  • And for a more simple version, I liked this post on the Happy Wives Club: 6 Ways to Flirt.

As I read, I realized that on these sites are some repeat ideas, which makes me hope  that YOU could offer some fresh ideas help me take my game to the next level.

What are fun “easy” ways for you to flirt with your man?  What little things do you do to keep a playful “spark” growing in your marriage?

Leave a comment below- it’d be super encouraging to hear from you.

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