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People are imperfect and often leave us wounded.  And there is no better context than marriage to make this reality glaringly clear.

Cultivating a sensuous romance with my husband and living the marriage I dream of is next to impossible if I walk around clinging to frustrations, anger, and bitterness towards my husband.

I must choose to let go of my wounds, and let Jesus in to them.

Prayer Is the Key To Real Love

I’m learning that if I want to be a wold-class wife, I have to give just as much attention to the state of my heart towards my husband as the posture of my body.

Prayer is the only way to let go of my wounds and experience the intimacy I crave in my marriage.

So, today, instead of asking my husband to pray with me, or trying to get him to do a Bible study or attend a special church service, I’m simply focusing on getting myself into a place of honest prayer.  A place where Jehovah Rapha (the God who heals) can make me whole as a woman.

Sometimes, this means I have to hit the mats of forgiveness and allow God to soften my heart.  And sometimes it means allowing God’s gentle Spirit to heal me of serious wounds.  And yet other times, it means I pray for God’s very best in his life, and in doing so, my heart becomes tender towards what God wants for him.

I’m over at Million Praying Women today talking about prayer bringing me to a place of healing in relationships. 

And I’m applying it to my marriage.

Join me there!

The best intimacy comes as we attend to the state of our hearts, not just the posture of our bodies. –> click to tweet.