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“There’s only one thing that makes relationships good…and that’s time.”

– Joyce Meyer

I saw that quote on a friend’s Facebook wall recently, and was impacted by the simple truth it communicates.


If time is the most important ingredient to a great marriage, and most of us are crazy-busy…

how can we prioritize the very most important relationship we have?

Here are 10 simple ideas:

1. Read a book together- and talk about it. (start with a marriage book, or something you have in common.)

2. Work-out together. (you-tube videos work great if you don’t have a gym!  And remember the simple walk – it’s great every time.)

3. Hold hands and pray together.  (A simple prayer of thanks is perfect if this is out of your comfort zone)

4. Take an online class together (Check out The Great Courses website)

5. Touch every morning.  (a 10 second hug will do wonders)

6. Subscribe to you favorite magazines and share what you’re learning. (Growing in your hobbies is a great way to keep things in your marriage interesting, and enjoy conversations on topics other than the kids)

7. Cook together.  (Saturday pancake breakfasts are our favorite)

8. Sneak away for lunch. (Get a sitter for a lunch date- its fun to go out in the middle of the day when you’re both fully awake!)

9. Go to bed at the same time.  (This helps you stay on a similar schedule and makes a morning coffee sip, an evening glass of wine, and a night-time snuggle naturally fit into the flow of life.)

10. Schedule “couple time” everyday, like you would a date.  (No phones, no laundry, no work.  Our daily date is from 8-9pm.)

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