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We become what we repeatedly do.

– Stephen Covey –

Habits are a funny thing.  They seem small and insignificant, but they actually define us.

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Our habits can work for us, or against us.  Especially in marriage. (click to tweet)

I’ve also found that when I hang out with people who have great habits, mine improve too.

So today, I’m introducing you to a woman I admire, Kristen Welch.  Get ready to have your habits inspired.  

I met Kristen briefly last year, and will be seeing her again this summer at The Declare Conference. (we’ll both be speaking there, and I really think you should join us!)

When I heard her share about the things God is doing through her, I was deeply moved.  You can read about her at We Are That Family and hear first-hand how she, a stay at home mom, started a home in Kenya for pregnant and new moms.   

She recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled, Habits for a Hot Marriage in the Middle of Motherhood and Monotony, and I thought you, too, might be inspired. 

If Kristen and her husband have figured out how to establish great habits for a great marriage, then I’m soaking up every word.