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What if…

What if your marriage was intended to be so good it bordered on fairytale?  What if marriage was meant to be lived with theme music in the background?  What if God, the greatest composer and conductor, designed marriage to be a symphony of different instruments, with different sounds, and He made the notes of our lives dance, and the music come alive to make a harmonic marriage that would make Mozart’s masterpieces seem small?

What if God designed marriage to be a reflection of heaven on earthsomething so unusual and beautiful that the world stopped to stare, and ask how they too could have such love?


By our culture’s standards, that’s an unusual marriage. 

I believe God designed marriage to be better than a fairy tale.  It was made to be a honeymoon.

Honeymoon is defined as a period of unusual harmony after a wedding.

Why should a “period of unusual harmony after a wedding” fade for anyone who is in Christ?  Aren’t we, as believers in Christ, created to live in “unusual ways”?  Shouldn’t our marriages reflect the unusual love, power and redemption of Christ…only to get better with time?  To become more rich?  To grow more intense and sincere with love, passion, service, commitment, honor and respect?

I believe God made us for an unusually harmonious marriage that doesn’t fade with time, but gets more clear, more unified, more delightful, more attractive, more powerful with each passing year.  

And why?

Because God has a dream for us as individuals.  And a dream for our marriages.  And a dream for our families.  A dream for the generations who will follow in our footsteps.

Over the course of this Valentine’s Month, and really, for the past 9 years, we’ve realized  this one thing: the way we live together as a couple impacts our relationship, our family life and the generations who are yet to come.  

And the ways we choose to serve each other impact our ability to foster a honeymoon marriage.

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He intended it to be a place where a heaven and earth overlap.  A space where He is honored and He is Lord, and as such, He can heal what is broken and mend what needs fixing.  That’s just what He does.

The path towards God’s best may be rocky at times.  After all, we’re not guaranteed bliss.  But we are guaranteed His unusual grace that equips us to live with an unusual love for one another. 

So today, my prayer is that as couples, we seek God, and ask Him to restore our vision of what marriage looks like from heaven’s point of view.  And how to get there.  One day, one act of humble love, one prayer at a time.