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Express Love-2

Last Tuesday brought a snowy morning and school was yet again, canceled.  Wyatt was getting ready for work and came downstairs dressed in his shiny shoes, blue suit and cufflinks.  Enough to make me melt.

The children were running around like little tornadoes, and I was in my flannels, hair all kinds of crazy, a bit dazed at the prospect of another day inside with three kids under 6.

After grabbing some breakfast, Wyatt’s voice rang out over the house-hold madness with the general “love you” that is said in the common way we do every morning, and walked out the door to begin scraping the hardened ice off his car.

In that moment, watching him walk out the door and feeling the harsh cold air rush in our kitchen as he shut the door behind him, I got a flash of reality. 

Nothing in this life is permanent.  We’re not promised tomorrow.  All we have is this moment.

This may sound morbid, but I often remind myself how I never want to come to the end with regrets.  I never want to wish that I had slowed down enough to take in the moments, the scents, the sights of the ones I love.  I might have other regrets, but not these.  I want to soak up love, and pour out love, every chance I get, with the man I love.

I never want to rush so much that I forget to tell the person closest in my life how I really feel about him.  To tell him often, in both simple and extravagant ways, how much I really love him.

Life gets busy and we get on a train that just keeps rolling.  But there are days when I get this intense urge to jump off the train and close in on a moment to just “be” with the people I love.  To resist the rush and the hurried temptation to take for granted the loves in my life.  To reach out and grab them, to hold their faces and speak into their eyes, and say,


As I saw that blue suit walk out the door, knowing that the roads were icy and the conditions less than safe, I got that familiar “urge”.  I needed jump off the train and let him to know afresh, right then and there, that I love him with all my heart.

Before he drove away on those icy roads to work, I had to tell him again, face to face.

So I slipped my warm boots over my sockless feet, and walked into the garage, standing a few feet from his car.  Standing there in my pink and grey flannel pis, rubbing my arms with my hands to keep warm while he was scraping ice off of his windshield, I watched him.  I took him in, head to toe, inside and out.  As he leaned far over the windshield and scraped the ice in his blue suit, I stood thanking God for this good gift.  This man.  This life-partner with whom I run and laugh and pray and dream.

And slowly, I said to Wyatt, “I really love you”.

He looked up to me from his ice-task and smiled his big smile.  He took a deep breath and said “I really love you, too”.

In that moment, I felt peace.  Because the man I love, knows I love him.

And again, the conviction that I never want to miss a chance to affirm my love to the man in my life.

Today’s Challenge:

Break up the monotony of your day by expressing your love like you really mean it.  Step off the racing train long enough to see the one you love- really see him.

Find a way to say:

I.really.love.you.  I see you.  I don’t take you for granted.  I appreciate you.  I love doing life with you.  I’m so grateful that God gave you to me.

And I’ll bet, you’ll never regret doing so.

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