Today is March 14, marking one month of learning how to “wow” Wyatt (my hubs) everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Were you as amazed as I was at the results of intentionally prioritizing your guy, his needs, your marriage connection and God’s design for intimacy, everyday for the past 28 days?



Maybe the most surprising part of this whole “love project” has been the ways that it has benefited me!  

As I have sought learn how to “wow” my man on a daily basis, my heart has become softer to him, and our level of emotional connection has skyrocketed.  I’ve been more satisfied and peace-filled as a woman.  And I’ve even found my creativity in writing, my energy for mothering and my capacity to enjoy the simple moments of life with Wyatt has increased with the level of our marriage connection.

Wow- I’m thankful.

Thank YOU so much for joining me, and cheering me on as I’ve sought to love my guy well.

And hearing stories of you experiencing changes in your marriage made it even more (enter overused word) AMAZING!!  Your emails, comments and messages made this whole month so rich!


– “My life is so “g-rated” as a mom, that it’s hard for me to switch gears and be a great lover to my husband.” – How to go from tired mom, to hot wife. (Day 18)

– Unforgiveness is the roadblock that keeps us from moving forward in love. (Day 16)

– Sex is an emotional experience for a man.  We often assume it is primarily physical, but sex opens up the hearts of our husbands like nothing else can. (Day 25)

– Availability, accessibility and being “present” are choices, and also precious gifts that will win his heart again and again…on how to date your guy forever.  (Day 19)

– “Anyone can make his lunch, only one can person can meet that physical need of love he has.” (Day 7)

– Watching ten women smile and humbly share something awesome about their husbands felt like a detox…(the surprising power of “pondering your man and praising him”). (Day 21)

– Nothing in this life is permanent.  We’re not promised tomorrow.  All we have is this moment…on 4 words you should say everyday.  (Day 24)

    – The “selfie” that could change your marriage and “how absence can make the heart grow fonder” – thoughts from a military wife  (and obvs. use caution with this hint!) (Day 11)

– God designed marriage to be a reflection of heaven on earth…something so unusual and beautiful that the world stops to stare, and ask how they too can have such love. (Day 23)

::  WHAT’S NEXT?  ::

God has stirred a passion in my heart to go deeper into this topic, and to create space for more conversations like the ones we’ve had in Valentine’s Month.  

So, get ready for “Marriage Mondays” to become a regular thing, where we’ll continue to be intentional about making our regular marriages like a slice of heaven on earth…a place where God is exalted, and the world is a better place because of our thriving marriages.

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