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Sometimes the stuff I talk about in marriage is awkward.

Like praying with your husband.  Or having a conversation about your sex needs/desires/feelings.  Or giving him respect when he may not deserve it.

And then I wondered if you wondered….Does Francie ever feel awkward doing these things?

Let me clear your mind and answer a big- YOU BETCHA.



Somedays praying together is the last thing I want to do.

Somedays engaging in a conversation about our sex life, or how I can bless him in bed makes me cringe.

Somedays withdrawing and shutting down is easier than forgiving with honor and moving forward.

But I don’t stop doing these things that make me feel uncomfortable and awkward. Instead, I aim to do the opposite.  

I lean hard into them, because more than my fickle feelings dictating my actions, I am serious about letting my values master my actions.

I value connection and unity with my husband above all else.  And I have come to believe that prayer, sex and respect are three very clear ways that draw us into such connection.  Despite the awkward factor that may surface.

My marriage prayer is to live in such a way that my actions of love, lead to my feelings of love.  Not the other way around.

And even when it’s awkward, and I don’t know what to pray, or feel silly verbalizing intimate thoughts, or don’t feel the energy to show him respect, I offer a simple prayer for strength to do so.

And let me tell you, friend.  Every time I ask for help loving my husband in the passing moment of a breath prayer, God gives me the needed grace to push aside my insecurities and to lean into the awkward moment.  To lean into love.

I believe it’s when we step into the uncomfortable and lean into the awkward that we become truly beautiful as wives. –> click to tweet

And God is faithful every step of the way.

My heart as a wife is an ever-developing heart…and I pray becoming more beautiful and true with time.

With each opportunity to “lean into the awkward” in the name of honor and love, we will grow more into the truly beautiful wives God designed us to be.

So sisters, let’s lean in, and press on.  It may be awkward at first, but it will become beautiful.  

PS- here’s a free prayer guide for couples I wrote a while back.  Maybe it will help jumpstart your prayer times with your guy!