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Are you scientifically minded?  Loving the stats, data and facts on the topics most important to you?

I’ll admit, the science-loving genes skipped me.  I am prone to hang more around feelings, than facts, which can be good and bad.  But every now and then, a good dose of hard-core “facts” is refreshing and grounding, even for emotional types like me.

Today, I’m passing along a post from The Happy Wives Club on just that: “6 Scientific Questions for Your Marriage” by Cheri Gregory.  

(I just love The Happy Wives Club, and this blog’s creator, Fawn Weaver, by the way.  She has this quote on her Facebook page: “Not Stepford.  Not Desperate.  Just madly in love with our hubbies.”  I like that.  Fawn’s message is positive, hopeful and empowering for wives all over the world.)

Head over for a quick dose of scientific inspiration and some practical encouragement for your marriage by clicking here.