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Yesterday I got my first paycheck for doing what I love to do: speaking to a group of people about God’s heart for them.

It may sound trivial, but ya’ll- it was a big deal to me.

And it’s not about the number on the check, but it’s that my passion for speaking can fuel my passion for serving the poorest of the poor.  I can use my gifts as a stay-at-home mom to produce something that can make a difference for the people who need it most.  

When one passion leads to another...

This check is going to be funneled right to my friend Lakshmi (name changed for her safety).  Were you around when I shared about how she cares for prostitutes, lepers and their children in a small village outside of Calcutta?  Well- yes, she does.  And I’m proud to call her my “Indian sister”.

“After entering her father’s home and being generously offered a comfortable seat, Chai tea and crackers, Lakshmi and I were introduced.  We began talking and immediately realized from our conversation that God was doing something special in that moment.  My life has been different ever since.  Two hearts, two worlds, two destinies collided as we shared the burdens God had placed on our hearts to love the unlovely and to see people restored to wholeness, whether that is in suburban America or rural India.”  (read more here…prepare to be stunned)

Someday (when I stop having babies back-to-back) I’ll go visit her again.  But for now, I’m honored to support her from a distance.  What she does as a single woman among the world’s poorest is nothing short of miraculous.  We have been supporting different elements of her ministry for the past 9 years, but this year, our aim is to start raising funds for a school (which she already runs with no building) for the children of lepers.  

Nearly 100 children who would otherwise have NO hope of a future.  

Knowing about what people are doing to make the world a better place inspires me to make a difference right where I am.  And it is true every time: it’s WAY more blessed to give than to receive.

Thanks for celebrating this milestone with me.