It’s so great to meet you…

Family PortraitI am a stay at home mom of the three precious kids we had  Translation: non-stop days and sleepless nights.  Can anybody relate?

I specialize in making cheese quesadillas, google mapping new playgrounds, and moving piles of laundry from one room to another.  I live an ordinary life but have been changed by an extraordinary Love.

A Love who died to heal me, to heal you, to heal our world.

The Source of my Inspiration

It has been the experiences of receiving God’s tender affection from a young age and seeing His love transform people of all shapes, colors, ages and socio-economic backgrounds that has caused me to want to live for Him with all I am and all that I have, and to live for others.

I have been transformed by the ways I have seen God’s redemption, love and power at work the hearts of people from every corner of the globe…from the bush tribes of Namibia, to the brothels of Thailand, to the orphanages of Romania, to Mother Theresa’s home for the dying and destitute in India, to the fishing villages of Sri Lanka.

IMG_3553 IMG_3556 Sri Lanka 2 039

God is alive, God is at work, and God is so good.  He is redeeming, healing, restoring, and reconciling all of His creation back to His loving kindness.  It is my prayer to continue to experience God’s love, to walk in deeper personal healing, and to help others do the same.  In the process, my prayer is to remember and speak on behalf of the voiceless, the poor and the oppressed, and to call the minority to serve the majority, and to live lives of true significance.

I love that we’ve connected here, and look forward to hearing from YOU in the comments sections!  Please stick around and make yourself at home as we grow towards the Up, In and Out way of living together.

11 thoughts on “It’s so great to meet you…”

  1. Jennifer Thompson said:

    Hi Francie, I don’t know if you remember me but I too grew up in Edenton NC and am closer to your sisters ages. I knew you as a little girl in the nursery at St Pauls Church. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your words are even in just sharing a little about yourself. I truely enjoyed reading the things you have posted and its very inspiring as I go through my life struggling day to day with my beliefs and trusting in God. I hope you are well and anywords of encouragement you can ever throw my way would be greatly appreciated. You are an amazing young woman and you will go very far with your love for the Lord and those babies are just your compensation for doing Gods work … they are your Godly gift girly !!

    God Bless you and your family !!

    Jennifer Thompson
    (formerly Jennifer Bond)

  2. wrappedinhisaffection said:

    Jennifer! It is great to hear from you. Thank you for posting a comment and offering such kind encouragement. And I DO I remember you! I am thankful you were encouraged by reading some things on my blog…please keep coming back and see what else God might use to strengthen your heart as you keep going, one step at a time. In the meantime, I will pray for God to show Himself to you in very real and personal way- in an undeniable fashion, that you would know that He is with you and He is pursuing your heart. He is worthy of our trust, even when we don’t understand somethings in life…and He wants to pour out His love and abundance in your life. Thanks for reconnecting!

  3. Lynette King said:


    I am so proud of you! Seeing this blog makes me smile! You are doing it- you are pursing your dreams; you are living fully alive!!! What an inspiration! Juggling the world of academia while raising 3 wee-ones, bringing the kingdom in daily life, blogging your heart out, pouring into women, constantly pursuing a mountain-top marriage… you are changing the world!!! You are extra-ordinary! My heart is overjoyed to see you thriving!

    He has made you a woman of purpose- His grace is powerful and sufficient! May it consume you and may His fingerprint continue to be on all you do!

    Loving you and cheering you on,

    Lynette King

    • Hi Francie thank you so much for your blessing word and action .Your love is great for God and Leprosy children and women for India.You fulfilling God’s vission and Mission.
      God Bless
      Your Friend
      pastor padma

  4. I absolutely love your site and your mission.

  5. Adrienne Sandvos said:

    Love love love love love it! I could just hear your voice saying this to me. I am so excited to follow and see where God takes it all.

  6. yay! I overheard you sharing your blog address with amy at the park today and am so blessed that the Lord is allowing our hearts and paths to cross. I left the park giddy today at the lovely women the Lord is bringing to our LW community. grateful.

  7. What a wonderful blog, Francie! So happy I stopped by to discover your encouraging and delightful words. Beyond blessed by our conversation today. We must have coffee soon. I just know God is going to do BIG things this year. Thank you (and Kim!) for making my heart overflow with joy!

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