Nothing gives me more life than being in a room full of women, taking them by the hand and through scripture and story, helping them experience the heart of God.  Click here if you are interested in booking me for an event.

Below are a few comments I’ve received from women after having the honor of sharing with their groups…


Francie speaks with confidence, wisdom and love.  I could tell all the ladies in the audience truly enjoyed hearing what God wanted to say through her.  Her words made a real impact on all of our hearts.  – Monica

 Francie shares her stories with humor and honesty.  I really appreciate how she is willing to open up and let people see her real life messes.  Francie’s advice about intentionality, especially in her speech today and in her blog, is helping transform my husband’s and my perspective on our personal relationship with God and our relationship with one another. – Julie B.

 Francie has a God-given ability to speak into the heart of women; she is a dynamic speaker with joyfulness that pours out of her onto her listener. -Shayna G.

Francie’s words are a true blessing! She voices those fears and insecurities every mom secretly feels, and gives effective, practical tips on how to overcome them. – Alison T.

Francie has insight and wisdom that she can share in a personal and relatable way. She makes other women feel like friends as she leads them closer to the heart of God.– Shannon A.

Francie is relevant, insightful, and full of love for The Lord.  That love and genuine concern for the betterment of others is infectious and always leaves me encouraged and motivated. – Mandy

Francie has wonderful energy, speaks from her heart and real life experiences. A joy to listen to and learn from. – Megan H.

When Francie spoke, she offered Biblical, life-giving truths that left us feeling filled. – Kristen

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