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On this blog, YOU are invited to a life of true significance.  A life lived fully connected UP to God, IN to personal growth, and OUT to making a difference in the world, both locally and globally.

TheUP” posts are all about experiencing the heart of God.  

Featured “UP” posts:


TheIN” posts are about being changed by the redemptive power of Jesus, and intentionally developing into the best version of ourselves possible.

Featured  “IN” posts:


TheOUTposts are all about stirring up ideas, passion and creativity for making a difference in our world.

Featured “OUT” posts:

And what I really, really love to do, is speak to groups of moms, women and just about anyone who is eager to know God and to experience His heart.

Here are a few popular videos:


May God to use this space  to inspire you towards a life of significance!

4 thoughts on “Most Popular Posts”

  1. Just stumbled over here after reading your meditation from I really like the meaning and purpose behind your website. God bless you!

  2. Will you please pray jot my name down to pray for me? I need to love truth and Christ and be freed from/repent of pride. Please pray that I will have a soft and open heart that welcomes His authority and will come to know what it’s like to love him though I haven’t seen Him. That I will delight in him and in good things; that I won’t love the world, but that the love of the Father will be in me & that he’ll draw me all the way to Christ. That I will lose my life for his sake and the gospel and won’t desire to save it for myself. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Kathryn! Thanks so much for reaching out! I just prayed Philippians 1:9-11 for you- that your love (for God and others) would ABOUND more and more- and from the place of love, that you would be filled with knowledge and discernment as you follow Him everyday. I prayed that your hunger for Him would be stirred up and sincere and that He would fill you with all glory and power and fruits of His Spirit!! God bless you!

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